Do you love hosting? Having friends over, sipping on some cocktails and cooking up a storm. But you keep taking forever to cook that storm because you don’t have the right utensils? We’ve got just about every cooking essentials to satisfy the inner chef in you at The CBF Store and we’ve also picked out a cool list here, just for you.

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Cooking meat will never be the same again after you’ve tried a pressure cooker. Having the right pressure cooker will save you time and trust us, you will be churning out more dishes to impress the guests and family. The food made in this will also retain most of its nutrients and taste better as a result.

Soga Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

If you don’t already have one, do yourself a favour and get your hands on this coz you’ll be making headlines with your cooking, in a good way! It is suitable for use on all cooktops and is ideal for both commercial and home kitchens. Impress your friends, family and inner chef with this Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker.

Electric BBQ Teppanyaki Grill Non-Stick Plate

Fancy a nice hot Japanese cuisine at home? Make your Teppanyaki BBQ nights a success with this neat unit. It has a ribbed side which is ideal for grilling meats and a flat nonstick grill plate for cooking pancakes, eggs, seafood, veggies, and basically anything else you want! Also, did we mention it’s an electric hot plate? It’s super convenient and you can take it along for an outdoor grill in the garden too.

SOGA 2X 68cm Electric BBQ Teppanyaki Grill Non-Stick Plate

When cleaning it, you can simply unplug the hot plate, pour a little water on its surface, and once it cools down, wipe the surface with a soft cloth. Alternatively, you can immerse it in running water, without the plug getting wet. Just make sure you don’t forget to dry it out properly after. Having this Electric Teppanyaki Hot Plate Grill in your kitchen definitely adds a fun element to cooking and dining at home.

Chafing Dish

Who likes their dishes cold? Imagine having to serve a cold Minestrone soup to your guests even after you slogged the entire day in the kitchen and made an amazing soup, you’re not going to get the response you deserve for it. If you’re set to impress your guests, why not check out this Stainless Steel Round Buffet Chafing Dish. It looks absolutely presentable and keeps your food nice and warm for a good period of time.

Soga Stainless Steel Round Buffet Chafing Dish

This will be even more perfect for those with catering businesses or enjoy a good potluck party with family and friends. With a capacity of up to 3L and weighing 2.5kg’s, it’s fabulously sturdy for something so elegant looking. It’s got 2 handles on either side which make transporting your dishes much easier, especially for commercial usage. If you’re starting your own catering services, we highly recommend getting a full set of these to ensure your food is well presented and protected.

Cast Iron Bread & Cake Baking Dish

Cast iron utensils are such great investments in a kitchen. A good one will last you years and decades if you may. They’ve become such favourites because of their healthy attributes and also the fact that they evenly distribute the heat while cooking or baking. If you enjoy making your own bread, desserts or well..baking anything really, this Cast Iron Rectangle Bread & Cake Baking Dish is worth looking at.

Soga Cast Iron Bread & Cake Baking Dish

Since it evenly distributes heat and let’s not even talk about its durability (outliving most other utensils), it ensures your bakes come out fluffy inside with a crisp crust on the outside. Absolutely mouthwatering to just think of. Lastly, it’s portable, with a weight of 5kg (heavy but worthy), and has two handles to facilitate easy handling. It is suitable for use with all heat sources as well.

Portable Induction LED Electric Cooktop

If you’re looking for an extra pair of cooktop just to help with multitasking large numbers of dishes, then this may be an ideal one for you. Imagine having 2 extra cooktops out in the kitchen, but only when you need it because it’s portable, making it easy for you to cook anywhere around the house. This portable induction Double Hot Plate has 8 heat settings, with a heating speed 40% faster than normal cooktops.

Soga Portable Induction LED Electric Cooktop

Its two cookers facilitate cooking multiple meals, saving you time and energy while impressing your guests. Being an induction cooktop, it is important to note that this stove works differently from normal cooktops. It uses a magnetic field generated from the coils to transfer heat directly into the pots and pans. We would highly recommend this to those who live in a studio or college students who aren’t allowed to have a proper open flame stove in their kitchens. Saves you all that money buying take-outs for sure.

Bacon and Meat Steak Press

Have you always made normal steaks, burger patties or grilled pretty much anything and wondered how to get the slightly charred grilled lines on them without owning a grill pan of course? This cast iron meat presser will get you all excited for sure. You can now cook and grill your quesadillas, meat, bacon and well, almost anything to perfection.

Soga Bacon, Meat Steak Grill Press

It is made of cast iron, with a wooden handle, an enamel coating to provide a smooth surface, and a textured bottom to keep it in place while pressing. Now your food doesn’t only need to taste good but your presentation can be top-notch. Get commercial styled cooking done at the comfort of your own home with this now.

Stainless Steel Saucepan Sauce

Every home’s got to have a good saucepan. Well, not one but several in a variety of sizes. Stir up that mouthwatering pasta sauce, soup, curry, gravy or just use them to boil your potatoes. A saucepan really can do it all. When choosing a good saucepan, it’s important to ensure you get one that is able to adapt to stovetops as well as induction-based cooking. This would mean the bottom has to be flat to ensure it works well on induction as the rounded bottom ones will not.

Soga Stainless Steel Saucepan Sauce

This particular one is also great for those who like to keep a close watch on their cooking to check on the colour or thickness of the gravy or sauce due to its glass lid. You don’t have to keep opening the pan and letting all the steam out every time to check on it. This also is safe for oven use with up to 500F heat. This sturdy stainless steel saucepan is up for grabs right here.

Frying Pan

Frying pans are another kitchen favourite. We all have that one pan we keep using over and over again for everything. It’s usually best to have several sizes of frying pans to fit all your cooking needs, be it frying eggs, making a stir-fry, deep-frying some chicken wings and more! We’d say it’s ideal for a kitchen to have at least 2 sizes of a mini and large frying pan at all times.

Soga Frying Pan

This awesome hybrid finish of stainless steel and non-stick is one to look out for. It has a non-stick surface and won’t scratch easily. It uses the highest grade of 304 stainless steel and comes with an ergonomic handle. It’s also got a glass embedded stainless steel cover which makes frying things so much easier with no oil splatters while being able to keep a close watch on what you’re cooking. Absolutely great for home or commercial use so check it here.