Best Kitchen Tools? Yes, please!

Cooking is an art. It’s all about ingredients, preparation, and presentation. Are you missing essential kitchen tools to cook the gourmet meals you’ve been planning for a long time? You’re in luck! The CBF Store has loads of awesome and necessary kitchen tools you’d love to own. And they all come with the best possible price tag.

Keep reading and discover our top-selling essential kitchen tools. With these unbelievable discounts & deals, you’d want to get your hand on these babies!

Cast Iron Tamagoyaki Japanese Fry Pan

This pan is traditionally rectangular for rolled egg omelettes (Tamagoyaki). The cast iron of this pan makes it durable and retains heat well. Cast iron pans are well known for their excellent heat induction & storage performance to lock the nutrition and delicacy of the food. The best part of this pan is it works well on an induction cooktop, oven, and gas stove/burner. One pan that works everywhere!

The aftercare is also easy—dry the pot after every use and hang the pot in a cool & airy place. Avoid direct sunlight. Follow the instruction, and you don’t have to worry about it rusting! Check out other omelette frying pans to add as an essential kitchen tool to make you a cooking pro instantly.

Round Ribbed Cast Iron Fry Pan

This frying pan provides exceptional heat retention and distribution. Pre-seasoned and ready to use with vegetable oil evenly baked into the surface. Whether you’re cooking in a kitchen or camp, this virtually indestructible pan lasts for generations!! Made of cast iron, this skillet distributes heat from the bottom through the sidewalls.

Fortunately, it gels well with induction cooktops. It is the right kitchen tool to bake, sear, sauté, broil, fry, or even grill. Use it in the oven, on the stove, on the grill, or over the campfire. Phew, isn’t that amazing?!! The cleaning process is super easy too—hand wash, dry, and rub with cooking oil!

Stock Pot + Strainer

The stockpot with perforated pasta insert is a high commercial quality 18/10 stainless steel cookware. It looks classic, sleek, and visually appealing. Staining & rusting is a thing of the past. The heavy-duty thick sandwich base perforated pasta insert is convenient when you’re cooking pasta, potatoes, seafood, corn on the cob, etc. It’s solid, dependable, and well constructed. It’ll definitely last for a long time!

A perfect addition to your kitchen. Also, the premium quality stainless steel won’t react to food and cleans easily. They come in various sizes—21L, 33L, 50L, 71L, 98L, 130L. The perforated stockpot baskets can be bought separately if needed. Check out the full selection of kitchen stock and multipurpose pots.

Manual Juicer

This manual juicer is my favourite. It extracts the most juice because it’s an efficient juicer. It gets every drop from oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, and other fruits with no seeds. Just pull the comfortable grip on the handle down for the fastest and easiest citrus juicing.

Best of all, your hands stay clean. It’s durable and has a heavy-duty cast iron with an ergonomic design. This juicer uses leverage & gravity to get the job done with just a little effort. Lever action practically does all the work for you with its powerful and secure crusher capabilities. Check out our full range of juicers.

Portable Electric Induction Cooktop

This induction cooktop is ideal for tiny homes. It’s efficient, portable, and it heats 40% faster than typical kitchen stovetops and cooktops. It has eight heat settings, allowing for precision and flexibility in cooking performance and heating only the pan’s diameter, minimizing wasted energy. Heating begins instantly for fast cook times. Also, there are no hot coils or open flame, so the risk for burns or other kitchen tools accidents is significantly reduced. There is a lock feature too for added safety.

Stainless Steel Meat Slicer

This slicer is the perfect solution for all your medium-duty slicing needs! Made with durable anodized aluminum, that’s easy to clean and maintain. Deliver pound after pound of sliced product in the quickest and most efficient time frame possible. Consistently cuts meat, vegetables, or cheese from paper-thin to 9/16? thick. The anodized aluminum base is smooth and durable. Since the base is one piece, there are no holes or crevices for food to collect. It’s part of The CBF Store’s kitchen tools & utensils collection. You can now be cooking like a pro from start to finish.

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