Are you an amateur or professional photographer? Did you know that you are just a drone away from revolutionizing your photography career? Check out the top 5 reasons why you should be investing in a drone.

1. Go on an adventure

If you are a photographer, you definitely want to explore your creative side and have fun while at it. Drones, unlike the traditional camera, give you fun options.

Not only does it allow you to capture images up to 400feet in the sky (awesome) but allows you to use specific flight modes to add creativity to your shot. You can track a moving object, get the drone to follow you automatically using your GPS signal, or take multiple shots and stitch them into a panorama.

For photographers who enjoy showing a good story, the drone will be a fun addition as it enables you to scout great locations and capture creative images. Remember, this is your job and you get to have fun while doing it.

Drone building aerial photos
Aerial view of city buildings

2. Excellent for photographers who enjoy  aerial photography

Drones are the perfect way of reaching areas and getting shots from angles that the traditional camera can’t. For the photographer that enjoys aerial photography, drones must be a necessary part of your toolkit as they allow you to not only capture photos of buildings, events, and landscapes but also give you the additional benefit of creating videos.  

Drone aerial shot of shipping
Aerial shot of freighter with cargo containers

3. Creative photography & videography for weddings and events

Let’s face it, we all love visuals, and drones provide a great way of taking great videos from a higher viewpoint, capturing more content with greater precision, unlike formerly where photographers had to use planes.

Whether it is taking an aerial video of a client’s wedding proposal, the wedding itself, or a natural landscape, drones definitely makes videography worthwhile.

People crowding on the beach

4. Step up your Social Media & Influencer game

More and more businesses are using social media to showcase their content and create brand awareness. It is not unusual nowadays to find company social media platforms showcasing exquisite photos taken from a high view.

Drone photography is now becoming a great way for businesses, and even people to set themselves apart. Thus, for the photographer, this is a great way to generate new income and increase the customer base by providing high-quality social media-friendly photos and videos.

They also have provided a fun and creative way for influencers to create new content. They can now use drones to create idyllic and appealing content for their viewers.

The fact that they can be used to create video content is a major plus for influencers as they can create high-quality content of events, daily routines and brands to be distributed to their users via social media platforms.

5. Awesome for Real-Estate angles

Drones are for real estate what water is for swimmers; essential. They enable real estate developers to tell the story of a home they have in the market, giving potential buyers a unique bird’s eye view of the house, neighbourhood, and a unique viewpoint of the location and its surroundings

Drones have revolutionized the real estate industry by allowing the creation of videos of possible projects, enabling potential sponsors to actually be able to have a picture of the project and how it will fit into the existing area, a great fundraising asset for real estate developers.

In addition to this, it is crucial to note that since 2020, real estate sales have been increasingly moving online, with a majority of buyers never actually stepping on the property they intend to buy. This has made drone photography all the more crucial in making potential homes more appealing to customers.

Drone aerial view of real estate
Real Estate aerial view

All in all, the necessity of the drone for any self-respecting photographer can not be understated. Try out the DJI DJIMAVICAIR2DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone for only $1449 and watch your photography career leap to heights you never thought existed.