26/12 Boxing Day? The Origins Story.

Have you ever thought about the origins of one of the most popular global holidays, celebrated right after Christmas Day?  Well, the day has an interesting story behind it.

The holiday, now popularly dubbed ‘Boxing Day’ is believed to have originated in England in the 19th century. Back then, was customary for well-off landowners and nobles to give gifts to their workers on the day after Christmas. This was done as a way to appreciate them for their hard work all year. Interestingly, the gifts were often placed in boxes and handed out, bringing about the term ‘Boxing Day”

History of Boxing Day in Australia

In Australia, Boxing Day was introduced during the colonial era. It became customary for employers and owners in the new colony to give their employees gifts, and also the day off on 26th December.

Since it is a public holiday, most Aussies love to spend this day outdoors, enjoying the warm summer weather, relaxing with family, or participating in sporting activities. Other families choose to continue indulging in Christmas festivities.

Photo by George Dolgikh: Credit to Pexels

Popular Activities in Australia During Boxing Day

Australians celebrate Boxing Day with several well-loved traditions. How many of these do you and your family follow?

  • Sporting events

Sport is an essential part of Australian culture, and Boxing Day is no exception. One of the most famous sporting events in Australia on this day is the cricket test match, held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and attracting thousands of spectators.

Photo Credit to Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)’s official Facebook Page

Apart from cricket, there are also other sporting events such as horse racing, tennis, and surfing that take place. A good example of a Boxing Day Horse Racing event is the annual Boxing Day race at Pinjarra Park in Western Australia.

  • Festivals and Outdoor activities

Many festivals, from music concerts, food and wine festivals, and cultural events are held on Boxing Day, offering an opportunity to experience the local culture. In Sydney for example, locals like to participate in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, whilst in Brisbane, the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race attracts many spectators too. Darwinians on the other hand get to celebrate the annual Beer Can Regatta.

In addition to these, since Australia is a land of exquisite beaches, parks, and natural landscapes, some Aussies opt to engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, picnicking, hosting BBQs, and swimming on Boxing Day.

Family enjoying backyard picnic: Pexels
  • Boxing Day Sales and Shopping

Boxing Day is also known as the day of sales in Australia. Most of the retailers offer huge discounts on this day, which attracts a lot of shoppers. Australians love to shop on this day, and it has become a tradition for many families to go shopping together. The shopping centers and online stores are filled with people looking for bargains and great deals.

Aussies can also enjoy massive bargains on Boxing Day: Freepik

From its beginnings in medieval England to its widespread celebration in Australia and beyond, Boxing Day has become a day that embodies generosity, relaxation, and joy. Whether it’s watching a cricket match, enjoying a beach BBQ, or hunting for bargains in the sales, this day offers something for everyone and now, you know why it’s called that!

So, are you prepared to shop this year?